Aleksander Woźny – Military and Air Attache in Berlin, Lt. Col. Dipl. Antoni Szymański on Poles and Lusatians in the Years 1932–1937

Major, later Lt. Col. Dipl. Antoni Szymański was the second official diplomatic observer in Berlin. Apart from political and military issues, he was also interested in the fate of the Lusatians. He assessed that the national relations were at its worst in Lower Lusatia. Together with a co-worker he leased a small piece of wasteland, 80 km from Berlin. Apart from hunting, the attachė often visited the meager homesteads of the Lusatians. He was seeking contact with the nation’s elders. He reported to the army leadership that the situation was better in Upper Lusatia because the southern branch was more connected with the Czechs, who provided Sorbs with support. He reckoned that this allegation concerned not only the government of the Republic of Poland, but also the society.