Tadeusz Lewaszkiewicz – A minor contribution to the history of pro-Soviet Slavophilism in Lusatia after the Second World War

Following the Second World War (especially in the late forties and early fifties), a politically extreme current of pro-Soviet Slavophilism appeared in Lusatia. This was because after the war Lusatia, which found itself in the Soviet occupation zone, and later in the German Democratic Republic, was politically dependent on the Soviet Union. December 1945 saw the establishment of the Lusatian Slavic Committee headed by M. Nawka. The unofficial press title of that organisation was “Nowe slowjanstwo”, an appendix to the “Nowa doba” newspaper. While spreading knowledge about the Slavic World, its main objective was to justify the need for a political alliance with the Soviet Union and emphasise the special role of the Russian language in the contemporary world.